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Attorneys Kenneth Jones & Sheldon Singer become part of Lewis Rice law firm and Linda S. Tarpley bounces to Shapiro Kreisman law firm.

What happens to attorneys who do nasty things with foreclosures that are allegedly not on the up and up? In the case of the foreclosure at 1653 W. Brittany in Olathe Kansas this was the case.

What was behind this break up and exodus at Singer Tarpley & Jones? What we do know based on records at recorder of deeds the law firm allowed Ms. Tarpley to operate a foreclosure mill from her South side Kansas City home along with her Overland Park Kansas office. Her name shows on these notorious foreclosures with other attorneys at her office. Allegedly Sheldon Singer who had no Missouri law license allowed Tarpley to foreclose for dozens of predatory lenders and crooked banks. Many of the documents reviewed showed "ROBO SIGNERS and FAKE officials pretending to be attorney in fact and bank Vice presidents of companies that cheated millions of borrowers out billions of dollars collectively.

What amazed anyone who saw these questionable foreclosure documents how bold the team at STJ were. Allegedly even their own office staff would sign and notarize documents that had been fabricated. This included Mortgage assignments that would be sent to First American Title in mass numbers to be filed at recorder of deeds when proper assignments didn't exist. Tarpley and her fellow co-workers saw the same peoples names that state they were attorney in fact or VP of these ratty banks and mortgage companies. One guy name appeared on 18 different banks & mortgage company in a two year period for different states. Sheldon Singer also had operated a office on Ward Parkway in Kansas City Missouri.

Sheldon Singer's name also appeared on a document concerning the foreclosure although it was Linda Tarpley leading the charge.

Lots of people who saw the movie Rats is surprised that any law firm would bring them aboard.

Linda Tarpley was aware of the truth about 1653 W. Brittany and chose to go to court and provide false testimony to cover up what her law firm had been allegedly doing for years. The documents she provided from Chicago Title's attorney David Blomquist proved that a fixed rate loan application was signed, and when the culprits that were named involved in a financial scheme to allegedly steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from Ameriquist Mortgage in 2003.

David Bloomquist lied and concealed the mortgage documents showing a adjustable rate loan signed the same day as the loan closed. When the documents in Exhibits from Tarpley showed 5 loan applications 3 for fixed rates dated April 28, 2003 and two for an adjustable rate loan on June 2, 2003. Tarpley gleaned these documents from Blomquist, this was stated on court documents where she'd gotten mortgage documents from. Funny she didn't get them from Ameriquist Mortgage.  

The title companies are the last set of eyes on mortgage documents, it's nothing for a crooked employee at the bank & the title company to steal millions of dollars using fabricated loan applications & mortgage documents. . The crook wires funds stolen from the bank to escrow accounts controlled by the title company, then the crooks at the title company make checks out to the crooks for stolen funds or wire money to crooks bank accounts. 

The title company operatives allegedly get a cut of the funds and the title company makes fees off loans wether legit or fraudulent. When claims of misconduct occur the title company protects their thieving employees as in the case here, Another trait is when a title employee gets a home loan every 90 days or 6 months., another office employee that in on the scam notarizes their loan documents and in quick order the loan is paid back, on paper only.  

One of the crooks that are ROBO signers that in the loop prepares a deed of release for the mortgage that was secured by stolen funds, but there has to be a property in place first to do this. Another loan is taken out again and again from the bank.

The same title company files the release and no one at the recorder office realizes it's a embezzlement money laundering scheme in place. In the case of Daniel Messersmith being a loan officer paid so well that he had homes allegedly in Arizona. When you get PAID the money has to be moved so the folks from the GOV don't catch them.  

There were other documents showing an escrow account had opened on April 28, 2003 including insurance placed on the home in April 2003. So how would all this be done first, then a loan application seeking a loan dated the same day the loan closed? FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

Judge James Charles Droege went with Tarpley's lie, so much so when it was discovered that the documents with his signature for the foreclosure didn't match his actually signature on other documents and filings when he was not a judge, he had it stricken from the record.

Even the court transcript allegedly was changed to reflect that Terri Hierber, VP at Chicago Title allegedly signed off on mortgage documents using a junior employee at the time Ann Christie notary stamp and signing Ann Christies name.

When Terri Hiebert own filed documents show the same bold writing on her deed and other notarized documents that allegedly was in fact not Ann Christie signature but Terri Hiebert.

Linda Tarpley was aware that Ann Christie was told to allegedly lie and put on act even crying on the stand saying she'd witnessed the man signature, but hadn't. Ann Christie has also been bouncing around to various title companies. What amazes anyone whose seen RATS that these people are still putting their names on mortgage documents and foreclosures.

The man said he'd never saw a notary nor ever went to Chicago Title to sign any documents ever.

When this type of fraud goes on not only are people financially injured and deprived of their civil rights to justice and liberty it speaks to the unrighteous ness of the justice and legal system everywhere.

Allegedly Tarpley will eventually be disbarred and her alleged dealing uncovered. All the counties in Missouri & Kansas have tons of documents that can be tracked including the legal newspapers.

Those who want to dig into how deep this fraud is, go get an old back issue of any legal newspaper find a property they foreclosed on and look at the court records and find the poor soul they did this too. See if it was on the up and up. What happened to the property after STJ?

Money is behind the whole darn thing.... But when your black soul is roasting in hell see how much power they have then. 

Pictured below Daniel Messersmith loan officer Escrow Agent/notary Ann Kivett Christie

Avoid both of them