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For years folks believed all the lies behind the mortgage crash that it was the fault of borrowers that took out loans that they couldn't afford.

This is a BIG LIE in majority of the cases it was big banks & title companies such as First American Title that set up borrowers to defraud them especially borrowers that had served in the military and sought financing from banks that partnered with First American Title to close loans.

In this case of Kelly Ann Lovell aka Kelly A. Corrigan the most evil thing occurred allegedly based on documents from her First American Title files and a lender named Patricia Lynn Devine in Junction City Kansas.

In a nut shell Kelly Corrigan opened an escrow account for Ms. Devine weeks before the veteran had contacted her about a loan.  Ms. Devine illegally contacted VA loan Department and got a COE for the veteran weeks before veteran contacted her for financing of the home. 

How could this happen? Veteran had applied for loan with another lender who was refereed to the borrower by realtor.

Borrower was contacted from 1st lender the loan was in underwriting. This was a lie borrower discovered that 1st lender used their personal info to secure 2 loans from GMAC mortgage with a VA case number for over $600,000 then set up appraisal and with the help of the veterans realtor illegally carried personal documents from 1st lender to Ms. Devine to set up fraudulent loan applications, mortgages, notes, HUD statements that don't match the loan servicers, or the correspondent lender that Ms. Devine sold the loan to weeks before borrower contacted her.

Ms. Devine also sold the loan to another bank at the same time on the east coast. Basically Ms. Devine had allegedly forged hundreds of loan documents and then had Ms. Lovell set up allegedly millions of dollars of disbursements which had the amounts of money doled out for the home. Allegedly using the coffers of the bottomless billions of First American Title Bank in California.

The borrower unaware of the scam were contacted by the first lender three days before loan was to close and were told by Audra Chandler of Firstrust Mortgage a scam lender give me all your money or no loan.  

Borrower immediately contacted realtor about the call. Realtor immediately gave borrower Ms. Devine contact number and were told they could do loan.

Borrower had requested and applied for VA loan stating that their VA funding fee for loan would be paid for in cash along with all closing cost by certified funds. This was three days before original closing date.

The borrower would later discover an escrow account had been opened up one month before the borrower ever talked to Ms. Devine and that in fact documents reviewed by First American Title from their files showed vacant lot addresses in the veterans neighborhood of the home appeared on numerous mortgages and notes and HUD statements all allegedly sent to First American Title imaging files.

This was only the tip of the iceberg folks!!!

They were so slick that used old closed escrow file numbers to put on tons of checks to conceal the alleged fraud of the disbursements.

These included payouts to two realtors, property taxes owed by seller, and a whopping $300,000 plus dollars multiple times to pay off sellers interest only construction.

Some of the notes and mortgages dollar sign was allegedly an actually 5 instead if $ dollar sign. Many folks that saw these believe the loans were actually for $5 million each.

The kicker was First American Title had copies of the veterans tax returns and bank statements and a copy of an earnest deposit for a property the borrower put in offers on but was lied too that a higher offer came in on. Borrower then turned their attention to another property and located one days later. This new earnest deposit was no where to be found in Ms. Devine's files or First American Title  

Kelly Lovell had these documents in the files along with proof that Ms. Devine name appeared on documents weeks before the borrower ever contacted her for financing.

What was also dishonest was Ms. Devine had set up multiple mortgage loan applications with false addresses for the borrower and age showing married man and joint tenants as the way title to be held along with different homeowners insurance for $1226 and $1177.

Borrower also became aware that Ms. Devine knew insurance agent that also used scheme to get veteran to use his company. Agent S. Pirch sent borrower the cost for coverage then used signature page from agreed upon rate and switched it to  higher amount of $1177.

Mr. Pirch was referred by Audra Chandler in the early beginning when borrower was asked to get quote.

Ms. Devine never asked borrower who they had for homeowners insurance.  GUESS WHY the scammer had his information already typed up weeks beforehand on hud statements and insurance certificate with the $1177 amount listed.

Borrower would question Mr. S. Pirch and he admitted he had a business relationship with Ms. Devine years later.

Mr. Pirch was also dishonest borrower would later discover Mr. Pirch turned in documents to the Department of insurance after borrower discovered Pirch had switched quote to higher price.  Pirch actually sends them documents that allegedly proved that not only did he defraud borrower but also discovered Pirch set up multiple policies some with and without medical coverage under different policy numbers that appeared at loan servicer and Ms. Devine's records.

First American Title was questioned about why they had copies of real estate contract for $285000 for a property that offers were made on but bought by another buyer along with an altered real estate contract boasting of $326,000 sales price and financing agreement that had been altered from $315,000 to $325,000 with altered dates of 3/1 to 3/9 also had copies of earnest deposit given to realtor for $1000 dollars March 3,

Big give away folks an earnest deposit dated March 3 for a March 9 real estate contract that had been altered.

Borrower later discovered the realtor had used a signature page from previous offers from another property and made blank copies of them, The realtor R.White who also receive an advance commission from Ms. Kelly Lovell allegedly. 

Realtor R. White had sent Ms. Devine copies of both contracts to use in loan scheme to defraud borrower by setting up multiple loans with fake mortgage assignments allegedly signed by Ms. Devine & employees she supervised at her bank as V.P. of the loan department. 

Ms. Devine allegedly assisted the bank on the east coast that allegedly bought her bank in Junction City Kansas under cover, based on numerous documented conversations with servicer employees that attested the bank was allegedly owned by them, although the parent company is in Gibbons Nebraska. Which records show this, but it may be an alleged front since the east coast bank got busted for doing fraudulent VA loan originations and allegedly bought the Junction City Bank to usurp the rules to graft billions in VA loans outside of Fort Riley.

Borrow attempted to talk with Gibbons branch President of Bank and was lied to about fraud that they allegedly profited from.

Based on records at First American Title they began title searches a month before borrower had been approved for a loan.

There were females other names in the file that allegedly were also involved in the scheme that showed up on the disbursements and receipts for millions of dollars for the loan.

Borrower had made 1st payment to loan servicer before the escrow money ever showed up...Where was the money folks that was paid at closing.

Later in April the borrower was asked by realtor R, White and Ms. Lovell to bring over $12,000 for closing cost which included VA funding fee and loan expenses, insurance, appraisal and escrow.

Borrower complies and would later discover Ms. Lovell and Ms. Devine used this money and earnest deposit to make up shortfall that seller did not bring to closing for his expenses including past due property taxes, title fees and expenses.

Ms. Devine also had Stacy Jordan and herself prepare HUD statement and sent a letter stating so. Basically Ms. Lovell didn't review anything allegedly since they were both involved in the deceit. 

Borrower discovered Ms. Devine had alleged phony checks  ($312,000) that former Bank President said had been allegedly destroyed were now being used by Ms. Devine from First National Bank & Trust to First National Bank & Trust Mortgage

at the same Junction City location with her name and Peggy Duvall name long time employee.

Ms. Devine sent copies of checks and stated they sent them to First American Title..Really

First American Title says no we received wire transfers this was another escrow agent not Ms. Lovell. The wire transfers listed on receipts.

There were various dated receipts and disbursements  allegedly totaling over several million dollars.

A dead give away was a projected settlement amount that had the $1177 insurance premium in First American's files of around $313,0000 when the insurance premium was subtracted it came down to the $312000 sent in to finance the loan.

This was further proof that Kelly Lovell had in-fact known of the higher insurance premium that was set up before borrower contacted Mr. Pirch April 14 for a quote.

Ms. Devine also had the closing date switched and used realtor R. White to switch date to April 15 to give them longer time to allegedly defraud the title company out of millions allegedly using borrowers info and documents.

The most sinister thing is Ms. Devine was told by another correspondent lender  in Illinois that they had a scheme with who was allowing her to place the names of that company employees on mortgage assignments.

The scheme was Ms. Devine would assign loan from First National Bank & Trust to an Illinois Mortgage company and notarize document April 15 then do another assignment From Illinois mortgage company to MERS on April 15.

Then Ms. Devine would add after the fact that Mortgage was filed 

May 5.

This is so corrupt.

There were note with amount of mortgage with Dale Anders former V.P of her bank.

That bank was doing lots of very questionable things like the top bank employees would take out loans from First National Bank & Trust and notorize each others loans and then release them as paid in full.

This included a strait up weird loan that Stacy Jordan notarized for Hillcrest Bank that was taken over by bank regulators. Allegedly other interested parties discovered that detail while Ms. Jordan was employed as the Junction City Bank. Allegedly Ms. Jordan never worked for Hillcrest Bank but someone close to the culprit did and allegedly was given the green light to do this.

Ms. Lovell would alternate between names signing documents in closing documents as Kelly A Corrigan a maiden name and Kelly A Lovell her married name.

Documents were found at servicer with HUD of her hand writing figuring VA funding fee on a black page.

Ms. Lovell never notorized any documents before borrower but had pushed closing back to 4:30 pm April 15 30 minutes before closing time.

Lynn Devine never gave any documents to borrower to review ahead of closing as is in the law truth in lending.

No way.. Ms. Lovell & Ms.Devine concealed documents including forged documents that were sent to First American Title weeks before the borrower even contacted Ms. Devine.

Realtor R. White provided borrower thru a third party that she had been asked in early March to get a commission letter prepared and get a certificate of occupancy letter from city hall for Ms. Devine. The certificate date is 3/12. There was a laundry list of duties for the realtor to do for Ms. Patricia AKA Lynn Devine.

Another evil thing was there were documents showing appraisal ordered by a Tammy aka Tamera Beggs with 3/10 date and email address for Samantha Acheson both women employees at Firstrust Mortgage allegedly in on the 1st scheme,

The document named VA request for determination of reasonable value show appliances that weren't in the home but purchased after borrower moved in, refrigerator washer and dryer.

Firstrust Mortgage documents had not listed these items and had Ms. Beggs & Acheson name listed and Firstrust Mortgage. 

Lynn Devine bank name First National Bank was listed above Ms. Acheson name.

Ms. Acheson was contacted and denied being an employee in Junction City Kansas but only at Firstrust Mortgage.

This also prove how low and nasty Lynn Devine was to use a document to set up loans from Firstrust Mortgage who borrower was given information that First National Bank & Trust V.P. Dale anders had a home loan from First Trust Mortgage and signed by the President of that scam mortgage broker.

Yes! lots of folks have come forward about Firstrust Mortgage and the fact that they represented themselves as lenders allegedly but in fact the owner Mark McDougald & his mother Patricia Swonze who ran Professional Title in Overland Park allegedly never really financed loans allegedly based on numerous surrounding cities in Missouri & Kansas even in Wichita recorder of deeds allegedly set up loans as brokers then allegedly got money from large banks in alleged schemes. 

Loans magically paid off asap and then on to the next deal.

GMAC Bank is no longer in business Folks wonder why??

Again Ms. Devine lied to Veteran Administration about borrower making a downpayment on loan. Money was not used for the borrower but to shore up fee and money that seller refused to pay.

First American Title employee examined HUD and gave statement that borrowers fees were added back into loan and there were no closing instructions in file.

By the way when First American Title top brass discovered, this they threatened to fire the employee for being honest about fraud,

Borrower has met with mortgage experts and was told the HUD shows no downpayment it's not on loan application nor on real estate contract that was also altered to conceal increased sales price.

Borrower consulted with document examiner and discovered real estate contracts were altered and used in scheme to increase sales price to allegedly cover extra commissions paid out along with adding all fees paid in cash back into loan through principal and the interest.

Borrowers financial institute mortgage calculator provided proof of the fraud. Also First American Title provided amorization schedule 

that shows the $301,000 but truth in lending show $309,000

for loan interest.

Again loan servicers has totally different docs from Title company and others scammers with borrowers name.

The Fraud is non stop along with numerous others that Ms. Devine and Kelly Lovell and realtor R. White and Firstrust Crew scammed 

borrowers out of.

And lastly Ken Mortenson Former president of the Bank forwarded information about Illinois bank and some guy named Mark Hunt talking to Ms. Devine weeks after closing about funding of the loan and how he needed docs signed by borrower including a mortgage.

WOW, and 4506T and the appraisal allegedly changed for their investor,aka east coast bank remarks that loan closed weeks ago but we need more docs made up folks.

Those docs were fabricated and never signed by the veteran.

Last the MLS shows multiple sales dates and sale prices for property from March 24 to April 28 showing two sales dates for property and Warranty deed March 24.

Based on Kens info Ms. Devine was setting up another round of loans to sale again and had already sold the loans to the Illinois bank In April before closing and to East coast Bank that had blank mortgage assignments with no date of mortgage and multiple notes and VA loan Guarantee certificates.

Folks these loans were being sold into the Ginnie Mae loan pool.

Whats the likely hood that the servicer lied and said the loans defaulted under the fake addresses supplied by the title plant at First American Title to affix to fabricated loan notes folks.

Loan servicer business income would expand and none would be the wiser and all get their cut.

Allegedly Ms. Lovell had worked for Leader Mortgage as a loan officer besides being an escrow agent based on linkedin. Ms. Devine had also did a stint working for the Illinois Bank subsidiary in Topeka Kansas before V.P of loan dept. Basically she had connections folks.

Kelly Lovell allegedly also was an escrow agent at another company associated with McCafree Title allegedly the bank associated with it was also taken over by bank FDIC regulator for tons of bad bank loans. Allegedly she notarized many of those loans allegedly.

Word gets around about these this folks  

Lots of folks have seen the evidence and have strong opinions.

It's a scene right of "American Greed" folks

Defrauding veterans who served this country is not right!!!

Folks do you think these scammers should be brought before almighty God and confess their alleged crimes.

Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

No weapon formed against us shall prosper,

Special Thanks to all who provided research on this very important issue of veterans and loan fraud with banks & title companies.