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& the title companies know it & profit from it.

When the mortgage fall out occurred a few years back it was thought by the Media, think tanks, economist and even the Federal Reserve that folks just bought more house than they could afford.

Consumers/borrowers then defaulted because they couldn't pay the mortgage. Or did they actually default?

What if you discovered the woman escrow agent who sat across the conference table at the loan closing, actually was in on a multi-million dollar scam to defraud YOU, the bank or mortgage company & maybe their employer the title company they worked at. 

Somehow this has been going on for decades just like this FIFA Scam. Unlike the FIFA Soccer folks getting busted, the U.S. authorities have totally ignored and overlooked this problem.

Many of these notaries are also escrow agents & are very keen on how the mortgage industry works and have also been lenders at one time. This allows them to have a greater network of folks to add into these SCAMS that include money laundering, wire & mail fraud, embezzlement and RICO to name a few.

Although HUD, the Veteran's Administration and FHA have as I'd say "Warning Labels" concerning the FALSE information that they or lenders put on documents or switching fixed rate loans of borrowers to adjustable rates, accepting fraudulent loan documents from the lender that has switched loan number that have been altered and are only revealed as to the fraudulent numbers when they are magnified. 

The borrower has no idea this has happened unless they suspect something like the APR is higher than it should be or their signatures are forged on loan documents or their loan balance hasn't gone down because they may have a higher interest rate than what shows on the Good Faith Estimate.

The escrow agent/notary are the last "SET OF EYES" on the closing documents for the mortgage loan.

Many of these "old cuddas" have the protection of their title company. WHY? regardless of the loan good or bad or even if the loan has 50 mortgage notes that were submitted for the one house they get paid.

Allegedly Fidelity National Financial has allegedly made a billions from transactions where their own escrow agents have participated in the FLEECING of borrowers, Banks & Mortgage companies nationwide.

Many of these folks are women young and old alike who do the most ungodly and unethical things you can imagine with customers information.

We have spoken about one woman who works at Chicago Title in a position overseeing other employees. Several folks checked up on this old gal and presented information that allegedly revealed the woman has repeatedly used other employees notary stamps in her office, and signed the name of the employee she supervised as if they had actually notarized the document themselves. This is fraud.

When their notary stamp and other documents were examined it was allegedly revealed that the real notary never signed a darn thing, but instead it was the supervisor at the title company. Instead of the others coming forth and canning this fraudulent behavior they go along to keep a job.

What amazed our research team is how many of the notaries/escrow agents have multiple home loans from various lenders back to back.

In the case of another notary who lives outside a college town famous for K U basketball this chick had so many loans it's unreal. She had allegedly set up loans for relatives thru crooked lenders who she'd allegedly help scam the banks the lenders worked at in an alleged partnership.


When the researchers reviewed over 60 home loans totaling millions of dollars for her & her husband and relatives in less than 10 years, all showing deeds of releases, it was easy to see what was going on.

The loans were always notazied by a fellow employee and when the researchers reviewed their loans this same deceiver had notarized their loans as well. On some of the loans it was the same loan officer who was allegedly stealing from their own bank approving these loans multiple times. 

We don't believe these loans were actually paid off, but in turn a gift for their aid, cooperation and silence for helping the lender or mortgage brokers set up scams to extract billions from various lenders, banks & mortgage companies nationwide that have a relationship with the title companies.

This is TAX FREE CASH for the scammers. The heck with the Patriots act, these gals get all the cash they can spend thru these bogus home loans often and early. Because it's in the form of a loan and a check cashed from the title company made payable to them or payable to another entity that already got paid they don't get caught.


Research revealed that Escrow agents would create multiple checks for the same person under different file numbers. Example if Mr. Appraiser was due $450 and the pay off to VEPEE Bank for sellers house was $536,000.00 the scammers would make out several checks for bogus amounts beyond the true and actual payoffs.

They would falsify disbursement sheets too make it appear to be the truth.

The money would be made out payable to the crooks with the names of the payees only having another bank in on the scam to cash the check for the fraudsters or wiring money to bank accounts of the crooks, leaving the bogus checks in place to verify payouts. 

Again when these checks are examined something will not add up about how they appear. This is your homework just ask for checks from your own closing and see if you get static about getting them!

What you'll discover some will appear distorted on purpose, then request copies from the actually payees of the valid checks. Ask for front & back of the checks.

**These checks are available up to 7 years folks from the date of origination**

When you also see NOTE usually a 3 page documents that has pay to the order without recourse that in many cases are also forged by the lender or those who aided them setting up multiple loan applications that change birth dates, bank information, or your address you lived at while in the loan process or may contain information that was never given by you.

The notary/escrow agent receives this information from the lender and in most cases has a pre-existing relationship with the fraudsters to help them steal from the lenders employee, the correspondent lender and the title company. Everyone is in on this SCAM.

Rarely will a title company turn on an employee even when they know they are embezzling millions or stealing money in schemes with others. Rather they will get attorneys to help protect them even if they have suffered huge losses of millions of dollar thru fraud and embezzlement and money laundering. 

Research has discovered many notaries & escrow agents are engaged in this RANCID BEHAVIOR and have no fear of being discovered, going to jail or forced to repay the millions they've stolen until now.

Most of these fraudsters deny that they are involved in these scams, but are making millions in TAX FREE CASH. The title company profits collecting fees from these bogus deals every time.

Usually when closely examined if you're fortunate enough to get these documents from the title company you may discover a closing file opened before you had actually been approved for the mortgage loan.

What's up here is the moment you filed out a loan application it was rushed from the bank to the title company to start the flow of cash immediately and you haven't been approved yet.   

There's also scams which involve what I call the "HAND OFF". While waiting for approval from one lender, another party connected to this person seeks financing from a second lender and the first lender gets in BIG BUCKS and then has the money sent to a title company they do business with. They walk away with lots of tax free loot.

The scammers which include correspondent lender split the cash and you never hear anything from them until the friend of the lender sets up a different lender to assit with another loan.

SCAMS are everywhere friends, regardless of your education, acumen, integrity, truthfulness, and Godliness.  


When foreclosures occur these same banks don't pull their own files to do the "dirty work" they go to the title companies to pull out the fraudulent documents that were handled by their own crooked employees. 

This is presented to take homes and the folks bought this lie that people actually got behind. If the real documents came forth and folks realized that their fixed rate loan was switched the bank would be owing them "MONEY BACK" with long interest and victims would still be in their homes.

What amazes everyone is how these scammers live big** coach hand bags full price, exotic island vacations, big ticket sport games, additional homes, new cars & ivy league schools for the kids , the best resturants, boats and luxury Bernie Madoff Style** 

Money goes thru the title company who has relationships with banks who they foreclose for, so no one tells that the title company did 8 loan closings for one house on the same day under different file numbers that the "diva of darkness" set up.

In one cases the title company actually owns a bank in Santa Barbara California where the head of Fidelity National Financial resides.

Notary/Escrow agents have plenty access to blank checks drawn on the title company they work for. There's nothing stopping a dishonest diva of darkness from issuing millions of dollars in checks and allegedly falsifying receipts for money that shows was transferred to the title company for a closing, but may have never received one dime for. 

Money may be sent from the bank for this, but in some cases the lender may be using correspondent lending crooks at the bank that will buy the loan from them to also embezzle in a joint effort with the consent of multiple folks sharing in the stolen funds.


The escrow agent /notary usually will shut out others and avoid certain employees from being involved in the closing of the loan. This notary may use multiple names from their past signing some loan documents such as the HUD statement in a married name and other documents in a maiden name or another former names to conceal fraud.

Usually the employee has access to old files and can search for similar numbers that are close to the actually closing file numbers and place these numbers on other documents such as checks and HUD statements and other documents that they are responsible for to further conceal illegal activities they are involved in.


What is most suspect is when a borrower checks the mortgage documents that were filed by the title company at the recorder of deeds and the ones that are at the lender, loan servicer and the correspondent lender that bought the loan from the original lender and discover although the borrowers name may appear on these documents that in fact; they were not signed by the borrower. 

The HUD statements which when these schemes occur will be in various states of fraud from altered signatures, dates signed by someone other than the seller and borrower, different dates of origination for note mortgage and other documents by changing dates of origination example May 16 is changed to May 18 or May 26 by lender making it very tiny numbers. 

This evil is achieved doing the same thing with the loan number using different size fonts for numbers or words that aren't the exact same on document from document or even letter missing from words.  

Even documents that are faxed from various parties to you appear distorted or distressed were done so to conceal fraud. Just like when you see a foreclosed home in your neighborhood or hear of someone who had this occur think again, could the notary /escrow agent been a co-conspirator in bank and mortgage fraud costing families, senior citizens or the trusting their homes.

Again by using the one coke and 6 straws theory going down here! These notaries real salaries would not sustain such payoffs on all these loans so quickly without allegedly committing mortgage fraud.

This is one of the reason many folks lost homes because of this. When the banks discovered all this cash was missing they moved to snatch homes from the innocent instead of prosecuting and jailing those who played a role in the fraud; their own employees and partners in the banking & mortgage industry.

Most folks have the 30 year plan and may refinance 1 or 2 times or maybe not at all. What is going on here folks in America is just as important as this FIFA that the attorney general announced. 

I believe all these escrow agents that have been stealing and defrauding borrowers, customers and banks should be held accountable for their wrongdoing, immediately.


Are there thieves

at the local title companies?

Yes..... But there are also a few honest folks there too. Some of them are good folks but are either to dumb are too scared to expose their wayward co- workers.

Some of them love working there and become part of the "fraud fabric".

They learn to steal using numbers, computers, pen and paper.

When bank go under behind loan fraud theirs usually a dual citizen behind it with upper management. Some loan officers double as notaries and sign off on other employees mortgage loans from the bank they work at. 

This includes notarizing documents for themselves and other employees.

It's believed free money travels thru these loans and is allegedly stolen and never paid back by those in "committed scamming relationships". 

In large and small banks, they that do this evil believe they would never get caught.  

If the bank is owned by out of towners and they find out about this crime and find out they are short funds they will conceal this fraud to keep bank investigators out and just try to make up fraud losses sometimes thru over draft fees, allegedly siphoning off funds from seldom checked bank accounts or making fake loans to sell to government to recoup money stolen.

Instead of doing the right thing turning the thieves in. They will release them from the job and allow them to steal from a competitor.

Amazing petty thieves who make off with receipts from a PTA bake sale names go everywhere.. But these folks who hustle and steal millions of dollars some how their names are kept out of the news...WHY?

Several reason.. The banks don't want to lose customers.. The banks may be incentivizing their employees to steal and falsify documents on their behalf at an hourly rate. Banks know the federal regulators will take them over asap behind this fraud. 

Note: there are few minorities who work at title companies because it would get out about their malfeasance thats going on quick. Wrong doers and immoral ones don't want to take chances.

Only when the employee wakes up & decides the crumbs are worth it and they devise a full blown scheme with others who push out the cash, then the scheme becomes a bad thing in the eyes of the bank or those who ordained fraud from the get go.

Because they have become independent and are baking their own bread instead of crumbs....

If anyone knows any notaries/escrow agents just see how many loans they have gotten on their home in a short period of time. In the case of notary Ann Christie who formerly worked at Chicago Title this was allegedly the case. Folks couldn't believe she had the hook up and was allegedly getting back to back mortgage loans that were unreal. 

Folks wonder if these loans were paid back. Allegedly a roos to move tons of cash from lenders for their own purpose same notaries notarizing loans allegedly same dude approving them...

What you will also see is folks like Terri Hiebert who would allegedly use notary stamps of other employee underlings she supervised allegedly and yet signed their names on closing documents from mortgage loans as if the actual notary themselves had done so.

When that last page of a document says Mr. or Mrs. so and so stood before me on said date and I attest to this... Look out... The borrower wasn't there at least not in front of this notary.. 

Maybe documents were picked up by courier and signed later or not at all until days later and without borrowers having a copy of documents or they were mailed back to them later with allegedly different financial terms. Amerquist Mortgage was a master at this and often used Chicago Title to do their paper work.. 

Long time title employees remember lots of the scam loan brokers that are no longer around but were allowed to defraud thousand at the title company doorsteps including fraudulent mortgage assignments to foreclose on properties like the 60 minutes show exposed in June 2011 with the ROBO signers.

In some of those loans alleged fraud occurred where Chicago Title knowing allowed borrowers documents to be compromised by someone in on the fraud scam who took out addition loans unbenounced to the borrowers. 

Thus switching fixed rates to adjustable loans causing many borrowers to lose their homes while they enjoyed the tainted fruits and spoils of fraud from forged documents sold to the secondary market.

When they find out they have a full blown character on their hands they move them to another title company or bank they control until the heat dies down yet still using their services to crap over unsuspecting customers.

So where are they stashing all those alleged millions..... Exotic trips, new vehicles, big charity donations, tickets to events, big gifts to friends and family. 

Some of these women never want to leave this job and now you can guess why......