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     Also known as BB&T

 BB&T to most folks is a great bank. BB&T sponsors events gives money to schools who teach the

Ayn Rand mentality. They fund campaigns of major politicians and they hire tons of minorities to answer phones and collect mortgage payments at their North and South Carolina Bank headquarters. Research this for yourself friends.

One of BB&T biggest dreams was to gain market share in the mortgage industry this includes servicing billions of dollars of mortgage loans nationwide.

One of the most interesting aspects is how quickly BB&T rose to accomplishing this and the billions of dollars that followed.

What is the biggest secret was how Branch Banking and Trust made this a reality....

As you may know in 2016 The Justice Department Fined BB&T allegedly 83 Million dollars behind questionable FHA loans. Basically the ambitious Branch Banking & Trust allegedly denied doing this scam of creating fake loans to sell to the government. But was willing to pay the 83 million from what many believe was residual income from looted funds that yielded tons more money than BB&T was fined.

Read the Justice Department article on BB&T for yourselves... This was no accident or mix up friends...It appears BB&T allegedly employed a cast of characters to achieve this.

Allegedly this was all planned because while they were being looked at for FHA loans only, somehow the BIG BONANZA and most Valued loans THE VA LOANS INSURED AND UNDERWRITTEN BY THE VETERANS ADMINISTRATION WERE SOMEHOW TOTALLY OVER LOOKED. WOW!!!!!

BB&T CEO and allegedly others who had a vested interest in seeing BB&T jump to the front of the line obviously had persuaded the folks doing the looking to ignore their entire loan portfolio that included a HEFTY AMOUNT OF VA LOANS.

BB&T had cornered the market on loans allegedly they couldn't originate VA loans for a while chiefly relying on "CORESPONDENT LENDERS" and First American Title Insurance Company to help make the ride smooth.

Not only was BB&T aggressive at this this "Ayn Rand evil went to their heads" to get to the top allegedly by any means necessary even if it means falsify documents, lie, cheat, forge documents, falsify interest rates and steal from unsuspecting and trusting "Military Veterans" and "GINNIE MAE" and enlist the help of out of state partners to accomplish this.

In short order there was allegedly a type of coding system that was employed at Branch Banking & Trust when it came to loan documents... NOTE: most folks never get copies of loan documents held at the bank that set up or originated the loan. Folks never get or go back to the title company to ask for documents or request documents from the loan servicer or any of the financial institutions that appear on loan documents or to the recorder of deeds to get certified copies of mortgage documents that were filed on their property.

Further more, no one ever lays out documents after gathering from all entities and compare the printing on documents odd markings or missing punctuation like in the case of Branch Banking & Trust... YES after it had been forwarded from whomever signed off to sell loan to BB&T in several cases the documents were not even a match for what was at the recorder of deeds...WOW!!! How did this happen...... GREED GREED GREED............... BB&T was going to ride this billion dollar wave until the cows came home.

BB&T allegedly had a system in place in what we shall call "SHADING DOCS". This is where the initial mortgage, note, HUD statement VA Rider, Mortgage assignments, Loan Guarantee Certificate, Loan applications or what ever was or wasn't presented at the title company would be scanned in to BB&T imaging system. 

The big problem is BB& T knew that by allegedly taking in multiple documents that they allegedly compensated the other banks or mortgage companies in the scheme to originate and create they could cash in big when they would falsify THESE ALLEGED fake loans and lie stating borrowers defaulted & would receive

"full montey" face value of the loan from the Veterans Administration and GINNIE MAE or for the Default swaps that ran INSURANCE GIANT AIG into financial peril.

This would also mean that BB&T allegedly turned in falsified financial reports to the Security Exchange Commission as again during their heyday of doing this the housing market was fairly flat between 2008-2012. But things were in high gear for BB&T Shading Docs. One document would become 10. Yes there were different versions of a note, Mortgage, VA Rider some with holes some without holes meaning as if someone had used a hole punch to add them to a binder at the top of the documents. Some with loan numbers some without, some missing all the punctuation. 

Some with double series of sequence numbers say 6 of 80 from North Carolina and that same documents maybe sent from South Carolina says 8 of 28. Because of the multiple locations of BB&T it allegedly allowed them to conceal a host of documents some coming to BB&T weeks allegedly before the borrower had been approved for a loan from the correspondent lender. WOW.....

In some case escrow money showed up late from loan closing so late the borrower had already made first mortgage payment before money showed up. BB&T would allegedly forward tax free cash for this back to those in scheme to encourage them to seek more veterans to get loans from them. In a few scenarios a Realtor gave one of the lenders a real estate contract that was not consummated because buyers were told a higher offer came in on the property. The customer would find that the lender used the HOA dues,property taxes, insurance quote and and switched birthday of veteran and signed their name to a fake loan application and VA addemdem that had no VA case number. 

This was also found in BB&T files along with numerous VA loan Guarantee and VA RIDERS that were forged. In another case the Mortgage that was at BB&T was examined by the recorder of deeds and found to not match their certified copy. In other cases lenders would allegedly steal up front cash paid by veterans for closing fees then roll them back into loan by switching interest rate and changing sales price of the home.

What is so startling about the good natured BB&T employees they have a hard time of believing the institution they work for has somehow used them to collect the spoils from BB&T misdeeds. BB&T would duplicate loan modifications also. There again would be a highly light copy, a medium tone and a super heavy copy. VA loan number alter with dashes and without Under the naked eye to a novice they would appear the same. 

In fact they were all different versions that would not jive with other documents from others involved in the alleged VA MORTGAGE FRAUD SCAM would be a different version to keep down suspicion of outright fraud. BB&T also would allegedly report fake accounts to credit bureau in veterans name. This is assumed to make it more believable in the case of the 2016 Justice Department as if all these loans were not paid or being paid monthly it would shore of BB&T allegedly store that loans were defaulted or in default to make it easy to shine off inquiry about this. The Veterans Adminstration also may have played a role in this being to open to let lenders set up loans with no oversight... In another case the VA funding fee of over $6000 was paid up front by veteran.. 

It was later found that lender rolled it into VA loan shorted money sent to pay off sellers cost for commission owed taxes and even contacted title company of seller which was allegedly controlled by First American Title to wave sellers fees. Guess that's why sales price of home was increase to over $10,000 more to allegedly conceal fees had been added into the veterans sales price of the home.

It would be easy to say that BB&T is real BIG PLAYER in the SCHEME OF THINGS............

VETERANS and NON VETERANS alike need to start requesting everything now.....Don't be lazy you prove this then you may need to seek help in quiet title action and compensation from those who sought to dishonor you and your military service..................

BB&T allegedly received tons of cash multiple times over the loan amount at your expense friends? Is this fair, is this just to roll up front fees back into loans that were paid by veterans and then conceal fraud and switch interest rate forge names set of veterans for failure.

Check the Veterans Administration hand book on VA loans check your Amorization schedule against BB&T get loan history, get it all friends.................

Write President Donald Trump with you personal story about BB&T or any Bank who used your good name to allegedly steal money from Ginnie Mae and the VA loan program and your money.