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Dr. Anthony Fauci & Dr. Francis Collins warned to stop... Gain of Function experiments in 2014 by dozens of other researchers and scientist ....

Senator Rand Paul questioned Fauci about "Gain of Function" aka (GOF)

and the weasel denied the whole darn scam... See, Rand Paul isn't buying the Fauci show virus scam along with Billions of others in America and outside of it.

What appears to be going on is Fauci allegedly knew where this Covid 19 virus came from and who created it and why this "Biological weapon" was released.

"Gain of Function Deliberative Process Written Public Comments Oct. 19, 2014- June 8, 2016" is what you must read friends it's a 249 page PDF file. Look it up & download it quick.

It pulls the cover off the whole virus scam and the fact that numerous PHD's. Science gurus and researchers wanted no part of this Evil. This NIH and Fauci goonies have been allegedly setting up deadly viruses to kill people allegedly for years. 

The same dirty & desperate as hell rat Fauci that wants kids to take the vaccine that will ultimately harm them in unimaginable ways is the same evil B. that set up the virus. He has gone to far...and will be brought to justice.

This report even alleges there's no vaccine that can stop this.  

So what's the real need to push vaccine for a virus that Frankenstien Fauci set up POPULATION CONTROL AND DEATH & DESTRUCTION AND MIND CONTROL FOLKS.

Read that PDF and ask your self would you take a vaccine pushed by the same evil punk Fauci who set up virus? No media outlets should allow him to appear on TV or be heard on any broadcast.  

They are so darn desperate to force shots that bribes of money burgers and other lures offered.

This should tell you something friends that this crap their wanting to shoot folks & kids up with is strait foul from the pits of hell. Just look up the folks that made this crap, they look subhuman and evil and Athiest most of them.  

Many smart folks believe they haven't put out as many shots so they have lied to ramp up numbers to make folks feel vaccine is safe to trick them to take the jab...

Just think about this friends.. If this satan's vaccine was so good why hasn't anyone ill with an active case of Corona Virus/Covid 19 been given the vaccine and completely recover in 24 hours????

You know why because it a complete scam...... They can't afford to pull off tis scheme because numerous videos have been done off the mainstream from credible sources to prove vaccine is a scam....along with the real agenda behind it including brainwashing chemicals that have affected people to believe lies... 

Including hiding deaths and adverse reactions and the fact vaccine manufactures went to congress to get immunity from lawsuits from victims who took vaccine.

And as for these Fake "a" doctors wanting vaccines for adults and kids they must be taken to the medical board and removed from practicing medicine. 

KIDS OF ALL AGES ARE OFF LIMITS FAUCI. All your Sothebey Homes won't provide you with an escape when the masses you deceived turn on you......

Just do research on all of the including HHS secretary all connected to Bill Gates foundation or got $$ from him. Dr. Birx & Faucci and many of the "Trogean Horses" in place dictating this B.S. for vaccines in all these places from FDA, NIH, HHS and Fauci crew working for Bill Gates not the American people.  

Answer this ??? how is that Fauci & friends get a pay check from government, then use that same government resources to make biological weapons to kill folks, then fake vaccines and get patents on them while on that government job and get away with owning this evil & a pay check? Try creating something on your job and walk away with a patent on it.. 

Your butt would be taken down quick and you'd lose your job and may face jail time... Not Fauci and friends.. 

They warned about deaths that could occur from this dangerous sin. Australian Elizabeth Hart even brings up the former Obama secretary of state visiting the middle east and Geneva Switzerland on summit on Biological weapons concerned about middle east & then states it's the U.S. that's making these lethal virus pathegons.

This amazes the masses how Fauci allegedly knew this virus would kill lots of folks as he continue to lie as people suffered, lost homes, jobs, school attendance, families from something he planned allegedly. 

He proudly stood before millions daily on TV giving out orders to mask up, stay six feet away, shut down schools, churches, businesses, keep folks locked in nursing homes and spreading fear and everything sinister and this Black hearted imp loved every freaking minute of it including telling folks to get a vaccine and now pushing this off onto children.

This evil appears to began in 2004 under President George Bush based on 2 facts the Vanderbilt University article in The Lens Magazine in 2004 where Fauci boast of a Pandemic on the horizon and that he'd be the "savior of the world" he even boast of Bush giving billions in funding to his creepy lab after 911.  

Humm..... smart folks best start looking at 911 and was this an excuse to ramp up biological weapons for the disaster that happened in 2020 and 2021?

Second big clue Dr. Francis Collins & Dr. Fauci being warned to stop the (GOF) enhanced viruses that they were allegedly making up based on this 245 page document even outlying how many people would die and that no vaccine will allegedly ever work to stop this. 

This is outlined by other PHD's including the farce that these virus jump from animals to humans.

There's references to vaccines & pharmaceutical companies not being successful agains Corona Sars Virus

along with concealing this information from the general public.

What's so interesting is there's no mention of China in this report no Wuhan lab, not one named Chinese scientest in this eye opening report.

Did yaw ever hear Fauci say anything about it being a China virus? Allegedly No...

Elizabeth Hart 1st letter was dated January 31. 2012...Wow

 Attention, Acting Director Paul Keim National Science Advisory Board for Bio-security along with several CC 

to Micheal Osterholm NSABB, Ron Fouchier & Ab Osterhaus Eramus MC this is allegedly a lab in the Netherlands, Mount Sinai School of Medicine,Tom Jefferson Chocrane Vaccine Fields, Yoshihiro Kawaoka University Madison Wisconsin Deborah Cohen British Medical Journal.

Ms. Hart states The two Netherlands guys question why U.S. is dominating the discussion on that has an impact on scientist & public health world wide.

She further states I'm astounded at the naivetee of these scientist, Surely it must be obvious by now by sponsoring the development of a lethal flu virus the United States could be in breach of the "Biological Weapons Convention" that entered into force in

The same time that

"Agent Orange was going Gang Busters folks....

Ms. Hart lays down the rules and articles of the Biological Conventions Weapons

The report mentions the "FINK REPORT"...

There's numerous letters from others requesting this evil be stopped... Read for yourselves friends.

So let your mind wander Did George Bush & Obama know about this... Millions believe they did... 

The majority of folks that realized this was a evil and Bad idea wanted the expermint on gain of function creating and manipulating virus to kill people shut down.....

Every one allegedly but Dr. Fauci & Dr. Collins and several other sages of darkness in the U.S.A that thought this would be their moment to exterminate millions from planet earth and in return carry out Bill Gates dream of population control, then set up vaccines to wash away the pain.

Millions of folks have realized that the same imp Fauci who allegedly has no soul and is running amok will be cast to the very pits of hell where he belongs.... God has the first & last word here.....

So the fact bare out and Tucker Carlson, Janet Medford, Laura Ingram, certain News Max TV reporters, and you folks that never trusted this virus to be organic now know it was funded right in the U.S.A and then the same folks set up the vaccines too.

There's even patents on Sars Corona Virus and Hydroycloquine works and allegedly Tamaflu as mentioned in this report.  

Folks so desperate their bribing folks to take the vaccine, like N.Y. Mayor Deblasio with a hamburger & fries to take the shot.  

This virus was 2 fold kill folks and nano chip RNA vaccine that will destroy people that haven't been approved allegedly by FDA..

Fauci your wrinkled up old butt is so busted..... by 2 congressmen and then 2 senators and now the people of GOD.

Fauci will be remembered as the Charles Manson in a lab coat and he needs to occupy the same cell.

No weapon formed against you us will prosper in Jesus name.

Special thanks to all who provided info for this revelation

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